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Learn to trade, develop your existing trading skills, make money, and much more – through online courses, one-on-one sessions, and an exclusive e-book compiled by professionals at Trade Plus Academy.

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We believe in putting all the available knowledge on the table, leaving nothing behind that can stop you from reaching your trading goals. That’s why over the years, more than 95,000 students have watched our informative online courses and reaped endless benefits.

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Have you been confused about understanding trade rationales? Our videos offer the perfect opportunity to take you one step ahead amongst others in learning the rationales our Forex analysts use.

Trend Direction

Each analysis we provide is unique and specializes in different attributes. We can help you understand where the trends are headed and choose a trading strategy with the optimum reward.

Flexible Learning

Analysis requires separate names and symbols of currency pairs for better understanding. Keeping your ease in mind, our expert analysts have done exactly that to help you learn at a flexible pace.

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There’s no limit to practicing, just like there’s no limit to us extending our help. Using our analysis, you can practice your trading skills and replicate our shared analyses. The result – gain traction and become a master trader.

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    Since its inception, Trade Plus Academy has focused on one thing: simplifying the trading complexities for keen individuals looking to upgrade their expertise.
    We know that almost every other person who seeks trading information is a beginner. But they don’t always remain this way. How? By having instant access to a wide variety of comprehensive trading courses, informative articles, and interactive tools that we provide.
    Eventually, we transform them into trading geniuses that we can be proud of.



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    What is Trading Study?

    Recent researches show a significant rise in day traders. But the lack of proper trading education and guidance often leads up to people losing big money. Getting trading education can help you understand the complicated terminologies, figuring out the trends, and choosing a trading strategy that works BEFORE you start investing your real money. And that’s where Trade Plus Academy can help you.


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